A Deck Of Cards – Not Just For Play


A standard deck of playing cards is a calendar packaged neatly into a small box – now used to play many games such as Solitaire and Euchre.

Using a new, unshuffled deck with the Joker/s removed you will deal each card into 2 piles – one by one. Take the first pile and place it on top of the second pile. Repeat 24 times. The entire deck will return to the first order you started dealing them in = 24 hours in a day.

The colour of each card – black and red – represent day and night, although either side of a card – front and back – can also represent day and night.

– 52 cards in a deck = 52 weeks in a year
– 4 suits = 4 seasons
– 13 cards in each suit = 13 weeks of each season; within a lunar year, the moon orbits Earth 13 times

– Court cards (J’s Q’s K’s – average value of all the Court cards is twelve) = 12 months of Gregorian calendar year (or each zodiac)

– Ace’s numerical value is 1, J 11, Q 12 and King 13: middle card between 1 (Ace) and 13 (King) is seven = 7 days of the week

– Adding all cards together in the deck equals three hundred sixty four = 364 days of the year + Joker = Leap year

– altered by Hystoria

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