Creative Inventions for the Smoker

The desirability of protecting cigars both within doors and out of doors is apparent. Within doors the smoking of unprotected cigars results frequently in spilling the cigar ashes upon carpets and furniture and in burning the carpets and furniture when the unprotected lighted cigar falls or is laid down upon any article. Out of doors, especially when riding in a carriage or automobile or on the deck of a steamer, the wind not only frequently blows the ashes of a cigar in the face or upon the clothing of the smoker or some other person, but also consumes the cigar at an undue rate. While such matters may be merely an inconvenience or annoyance in many cases, in some cases, as, for example, the case of a person driving a motor car, the blowing of hot ashes back in the face is dangerous, so much so, that careful drivers do not care to smoke while driving.

Patents for Smoking Accessories:

– altered by Hystoria

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