Houdini in “The Grim Game” Recovered Footage & His Voice on Wax Cylinders


“The Grim Game” – a silent film in which Houdini performed a high-flying stunt where two planes collide high above the onlookers below. One plane hurtles down towards the crowd and slams into the street with, of course, the damsel in distress. Many today are still struggling with the idea whether or not the stunt was accidental, or not and if the whole scene was a true act of heroism. It wasn’t. It was movie magic, folks.


Houdini’s voice was recorded onto wax cylinders – all were well preserved and are now owned by illusionist, David Copperfield.


Recovered, rare footage and photographs of Houdini’s feats – some from high atop bridges with onlookers  also high above, clinging to the sturdy ironwork as Harry successfully executes his escapes and leaps into the icy waters below.


Houdini’s straight jacket escape said to have taken place in Boston, MA.


Houdini’s very dramatic rope escape complete with sleeping guard.



– altered by Hystoria

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