Our Fancy- Double Or Nothing: Ulf Hannerz

Ulf Hannerz as a boy appaering in Kvitt eller debbelt - Slamkryparen.jpg

Ulf Hannerz (June 9, 1942) aged 14

If you’re taking a break from Candy Crush Soda Saga, you’re going to love this! And don’t forget to grab yourself a ‘reading treat’ – Swedish Fish will suffice!

Ulf Hannerz was just 14 years old when he appeared on the very first episode of Sweden’s game show Kvitt eller dubbeltTiotusenkronorsfrågan : Double or Nothing – The 10,000 Kronor Question. The boy’s nickname ‘The Shark’ was appropriate for his debute and his strategic attack. Tropical aquarium fish were the topic of questioning and Ulf reeled it in for the $10,000 Kronos win by challenging the host and the judges when an error occurred on the program.

The judge asked him which of the seven displayed fish had lids. He answered “hundfisk¨” (mudminnow). No, the judge said, it’s “slamkrypare” (mudskipper); he wanted to dismiss young Ulf from the game show. However, Ulf Hannerz was indeed correct and the name slamkrypare (mudskipper) entered the Swedish language as a term for a cocksure, but incorrect, assertion.[5][6][7] – Wikipedia

Ulf Hannez is better known now for his work as an Anthropologist – or at least should be – and most notably so for the new subcategory: Urban Anthropology. Ulf Hannerz quotes a 1960s remark that traditional anthropologists were “a notoriously agoraphobic lot, anti-urban by definition”. We could also go as far to say that the world’s population is also agoraphobic when it comes to globalization. Everyone is afraid to give up their space, worried there will be no jobs left for them and so forth due to migration. Some groups are concerned they will have to give up their culture in favour of another Country’s form of government policies such as Democracy. Those fears are understandable, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be so. Business and trade need to run more efficiently globally – but, you can still hold strong to your beliefs and traditions – just maybe speed up on your human rights.

One important topic that most people are concerned with – poverty.

The needy. Who are they? The people waiting in line at the food bank, who live in ‘dumps’ within the projects or ghettos? Could it be those who have to compete with the Jones’, or Princess  on the phone calling the receptionist at the spa every name in the book because she can’t get an appointment for TODAY! or for THIS WEEK! for that mani and pedicure because the spa is booked up solid? Maybe Prince, because he didn’t make the football team and has had a tantrum because he can’t cope with rejection? Who knows?


Maybe Ulf Hannerz might have answers for you.

For those who have a good ear for Swede



– altered by Hystoria



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