The Wonderful World of Girly Shows



When word the circus was coming to town spread, people of all ages became anxious knowing  wolf-faced boys and  a 3-legged lady would be making an appearance. Wives would become agitated knowing their husbands were smitten with the idea of visiting the brightly lit “Dames! Dames! Dames!” sideshow tents for the beauty pageant, burlesque show, or perhaps a little more peep than the wives needed to know!


Dames came in all shapes and sizes



Some peepshows were very elaborate and were theme-based



A little more on the innocent side of cosplay – we just enjoyed this photo



Some peepshows could be mistaken for traveling brothels



Others more like a Cat Club or ‘strip club’



A Cuddle Dancer is equal to or the same as a Taxi Dancer


– altered by Hystoria


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