Documentary – Guys & Dolls: Men Who Prefer Life-like Dolls Over Real-life Women

In the 2008 movie “Lars and the Real Girl” Ryan Gosling plays a man who introduces a life sized doll as his girlfriend and takes her everywhere, eventually gaining the town’s acceptance.

A year before that movie put so-called “real dolls” on the periphery, the BBC produced a documentary called “Guys and Dolls.” It chronicles the industry and the men who buy and chose to live with them instead of warm, breathing, functioning, human females.

A California company Realdoll, began making realistic, life-sized dolls back in 1996. Since then, they’ve sold thousands of the life-like ladies for upwards of $10,000 each with requests for customization.

The men interviewed in the documentary speak about how the dolls influence their lives. While they sometimes feel isolated from real life, they say the companionship they feel with the dolls is worth it.

– altered by Hystoria

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