Drop Another Dime Into The Zoltar, Baby!

Fortune Teller mseum_1013

Photo by – D. Nelson

Going to the fortune teller’s was just as good as going to the opera, and the cost scarcely a trifle more – ergo, I will disguise myself and go again, one of these days, when other amusements fail.
– Letter to Orion Clemens, February 6, 1861

Divination has been part of most, if not all cultures around the world since prehistoric man. As humans evolved so did their tools; from the elements (water, fire – used for scrying) and bones to crystal balls, tarot cards,  tea leaves, pendulums and so forth. Some methods do not require tools as the inquirer’s palm or piece of jewelry (a tool provided by the inquirer) is all that is needed for the soothsayer to read one’s past, present and future.

There is the fortune cookie where a mysterious, tiny message is packed inside by a mysterious being you will never meet during your life. Another favorite of many – a coin-operated fortune teller, which were often found at carnivals and midways. Most everyone remembers the movie “Big” with Zoltar, an anthropomorphic machine which granted the wish of Tom Hanks’ character allowing him to become an adult.

I am my own soothsayer as I know what is to come; more cuts, bruises and bumps on the head due to my un-coordination and lack of spatial awareness. If told I am going to fall down a flight of stairs, I will concentrate on not falling, which will more than likely break my confidence as I ascend or descend. This is enough to cause my fall [up or down] a flight of stairs. I suppose this would be similar to the power of suggestion and for me, a waste of $40.00 along with the cost and time of mending a broken coccyx.

Whether you believe in divination, or not, I don’t think it should be taken too seriously, nor do I think it should be snubbed completely – anything is possible. Thanks to a fan of  Zoltar, a replica has been created.


– altered by Hystoria

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