The Lilliputian Library – Josef Tari Collection: Miniature Books


Josef Tari is a Hungarian gentleman whom began his collection of miniature books in 1972. His library of petite reads – the smallest book being only 2.9 x 3.2 millimeters and some over 100 years old – has grown to over 5000. These darling little novelties arrived about the year 1475 and remained a popular item throughout history – until about the 1970’s.



Josef is a printer by trade, which is what first attracted him to the little books. Most of the miniatures are Hungarian, but Josef states “I have several books in other languages. I have books e.g. from Canada, Mexico, the USA, Australia, Indonesia and Japan, and from almost all European countries.” – and has 400 books he is willing to exchange. Josef has also published his own mini books seen here.



Now, for the collection.

I believe we’ve saved the best book for last:



Miniatures Josef finds the most interesting within his collection


Book in 15 languages ca. 1974  – 1 x 2 mm



Josua Reichert: Bilder – ABC ca. 2000 –  2.9 x 2.4 mm



Móra Ferenc: Dióbél királyfi –  14 x 16 mm



Kovács Sándor 60 éves ca. 1972 – 9 x 10 mm



Im Reich der Tiere ca. 2004 – 19 x 16 mm



Das Grosse Tierbuch –  18 x 25 mm



Miatyánk – zsákkönyv ca. 2000 – 29 x 39 mm



Apokalipszis ca. 1998 – 31 x 42 mm



Josef Tari also holds in his possession the very tiniest editions of The Typographia (December 18, 1990 Vol.122) and 2 other newspapers.



– altered by Hystoria


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