Great Granny’s Cook Book -Featuring Allspice

From Great Granny’s 1947 copy of “The American Woman’s Cook Book”, Hystoria brings you 3 pudding recipes – one featuring Allspice – yum!

A little history first, from The Epicentre – only because Great Granny would have loved their take – it’s the best! To get you started:


all spice

Angielskie Ziele (French) – photo by Hystoria

“Allspice was used by the Mayans as an embalming agent and by other South American Indians to flavour chocolate.

The name ‘Jamaica’ comes from Xamayca, meaning ‘land of wood and water’ in the language of the Arawaks.

These natives used allspice to help cure and preserve meats, sometimes animals, sometimes their enemies. The allspice cured meat was known in Arawak as boucan and so later Europeans who cured meat this way came to be known as boucaniers, which ultimately became ‘buccaneers’.”


Granny's Orange Queen and Spice Pudding - All Spice - Hystoria.png


– altered by Hystoria

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