Great Granny’s Cook Book – Candies: Carnival & Circus Favorites!


Hystoria thought you might like to try making carnival candies at home! From Great Granny’s 1947 copy of “The American Woman’s Cook Book”, we bring you mounds of sugar!

Before you begin, please be sure to have all equipment on hand; candy thermometer, copper pans or pots (preferable for some candies – cast iron for others), measuring cups and spoons, cookie sheets to pour and mold molten sugar into brittle and so on, right? Right.

2016-04-26 (1).png

Page 10. not included. You can search for a table giving the various stages of sugar cookery using the magic of your favorite (search) engine.

2016-04-26 (2).png

It is always best to go through your cupboards to be sure you have all ingredients on hand before you begin.

2016-04-26 (4).png

Sugar has a tendency to keep its temperature when it is splashed upon the skin. Be very careful when stirring your mixtures, as sugar can severely burn and scar.

2016-04-26 (5).png

Never leave children unattended near the stove. Read previous (above) caption.

2016-04-26 (6).png

You may not want to overindulge on dates – high in calories – and fiber!

2016-04-26 (9).png

The taffy recipes have nothing to do with skin colour. Please do NOT use the recipes provided as a way to find something to complain about.

2016-04-26 (12).png

Be sure to follow the instructions for the Popcorn Balls,  “discard all imperfect kernels” – you don’t want to suffer any broken teeth and brushing afterwards probably wouldn’t hurt, either!

2016-04-26 (13).png

Using oils, or ‘pure’ instead of ‘artificial extracts’ is recommended for any recipe.

2016-04-26 (14).png

Lastly: Hystoria, will not assume any responsibility for any kitchen incidences such as; fires, burns, broken bones – dishes, appliances, light bulbs, wooden spoons, bowls, or any other objects that may be subject to breakage during the making of candies, etc!

– altered by Hystora


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