Our Fancy – The Peanut Butter Solution: List of Ingredients

List of Ingredients:

1 really ripe banana

5 dead flies

1 rotten egg

3 licorice leaves

A fistful of kitty litter

3 Connie Crisps

3 Crosbie Crackers

9 spoons of soil, a glass of pepper’s fizz and a spoonful of peanut butter – but not too much!

Some recipes should never be tweaked. When all ingredients are properly mixed, put it on your head – but only if you’ve contracted ‘The Fright’ –  a condition which affects those whom have entered an abandoned mansion –  seen a ghost, which leads to the shedding of each hair from the scalp of the poor victim as they lay asleep.

This  flick is full of magical paint brushes, fast-growing locks of hair, school suspensions, knockout drinks, the kidnapping of children where the use of the imagination is forbidden, and if not enough paint brushes are produced each day — no supper!

Definitely a rare, 1985 classic (allergy warning: may contain traces of nuts).


– altered by Hystoria

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1 Response to Our Fancy – The Peanut Butter Solution: List of Ingredients

  1. TVOntario says:

    Canadas iconic creepy childrens movies are the best!


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