Vagina Fragrance Beads – Womb Detox

Potpourri is not meant for the vagina and, in fact, can cause adverse effects. If you want to detox your womb, do so by ingesting green tea which is used by many to detox the whole body – not just your reproductive parts. There are plenty of other foods that can help you to detox.

If you are experiencing bad odors from your vagina, perhaps your best bet is to make an appointment with your Family Practitioner, whom can then refer you to a Gynecologist where your vag can be properly treated. It will be explained to you that  foreign objects do not belong in the vag – not even a douche.

Would you trust a maker who uses language such as “a whole whack” and then suggests you stuff 3 sacks of beads into your sensitive area? How awful it would be to have an allergic reaction where you can’t reach the itch! You could give both EOS lip balm and the herbal womb detox a try together and see if you can’t make both sets of lips match!

It promises to “cleanse the womb and return it to a balance [sic] state” with dime-sized pearls that apparently smell like flowers.

One of the claims is that your vagina will carry that nice floral smell, which will disappear shortly after you take the herbs out.

The makers recommend you insert three pearls into your vagina, and keep them there for a minimum of three days.

They’re meant to fix a whole whack of “major imbalances” down there, like foul odour, yeast infections, endometriosis, bacteria vaginosis and fibroids. – Global News

NOTE: Little fish aren’t on this planet to nibble away the dead skin from human feet during a pedicure, either. Fads, eh!

-altered by Hystoria


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