After the Ball – World’s 1st Adult Film

Marie-Georges-Jean Méliès, (Paris: December 8, 1861 – January 21, 1938)  was an illusionist and filmmaker famous for creating special effects such as dissolves, multiple exposure, hand-painted colour and time-lapse photography. Marie, is also know for the stop-trick, where he claimed he accidentally achieved the effect when his camera jammed while filming traffic. However, film Historians put their noses to the grindstone and found that Marie’s trick was just that – a trick. Historians learned that the effects were crafted carefully by Marie’s masterful skills in splicing and frame matching, which allowed Marie to create stupefying effects such as disappearing women, men changing into women and vehicles morphing into other models.


The allure of magic took control of Marie’s life, building into a strong passion to obsession. This passion was no match for his father’s demands; manning the family’s boot factory where he was expected to carry on the family business with siblings. Marie’s father wasn’t supportive of his endaevours by no means – not the magic, nor Marie’s desire to paint. This did not stop Marie  from following his heart. He sold his shares of the family business to his brothers and instead, could be found at the Egyptian Hall where he would watch London illusionist, John Nevil Maskelyne perform. He could later be found attending shows at Théâtre Robert-Houdin, founded by the infamous magician and illusionist, Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin. Marie then studied under Emile Voisin, who gave Marie his first crack at performing shows at Cabinet Fantastique of the Grévin Wax Museum, and later at the Galerie Vivienne.

Later, Marie, created Star Film Company with Reulos. They went on to produce many films in most, if not all genres; science, horror, fantasy and so on, using Marie’s skills in magic and film to dazzle audiences. Stag, or pornographic films were produced such as Peeping Tom at the Seaside, A Hypnotist at Work and the one you’re about to watch – After The Ball – the only one of the 3 films to have survived. The film stars Jeanne d’Alcy, where she is seen stripping down to a flesh-colored leotard, or tights – very fashionable for women of today and come in an assortment of colours. Jeanne, is being bathed by her maid, also making this the first girl-on-girl film.

After the Ball – World’s 1st Adult Film – Apres le Bath First Movie


– altered by Hystoria

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