Star Man: Prehistoric Figurine




ID Artifact No. 3588, Fort Albany by W.A. Kenyon in The History of James Bay: 1610-1618: A Study in Historical Archaeology (1986) [Royal Ontario Museum]

The name for this darling prehistoric figurine is quite suiting – Star Man. He was uncovered by archaeologists excavating the site at Fort Albany, Ontario. Star Man, was cut from a sheet of lead and is 2.0cm thick. He measures 4.5cm high and 4.0cm wide.


  • Fort Albany First Nation is an Ojibway  and Cree First Nation reserve in Cochrane District in Northeastern Ontario, Canada
  • Mound Builders were inhabitants of North America  who, during a 5,000-year period, constructed various styles of earthen or earthwork mounds for religious and ceremonial, burial, and elite residential purposes
  • Earthwork started at an early date well before the pyramids of Egypt and are astronomically aligned; in many cases equal to anything found in Egypt
  • Ancient Wall of Atlanta off the Georgia coast on Sapelo Island, archaeologists  unearthed the remains of an ancient walled city which predates the construction of Egypt’s pyramids; constructed around 2300 B.C.
  • According to the Waskaganish First Nation official website

    “Human presence in the James Bay area is believed to have begun some 7000 years ago, although the earliest artefacts recently found in the region of Waskaganish date to some 3000-3500 years old. Aboriginal hunting groups migrated from the south and west, first as seasonal hunting parties and later permanently establishing themselves in what is known as Eeyou Istchee (the Cree traditional territory in eastern James Bay). Although populations fluctuated over the centuries, the pre-contact period is characterized by a subsistence economy based on hunting and trapping of small and large game, fishing and seasonal gathering.”— WFN, 2013

– altered by Hystoria

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