1. (1) – Celluloid Dolls & Toys

Celluloid is a transparent, flammable plastic which deteriorates when exposed to moisture. Celluloid dolls are made from cellulose nitrate, alcohol, fillers and camphor pigments.


1890-1937 (GER) made bisque & celluloid doll heads – Shultz Marke


Celluloid replaced ivory allowing items such as: jewelry, mantel clocks, charms, hat pins, buttons, buckles, stringed instrument parts, fountain pens, cutlery handles and toys for children to be inexpensively mass-produced.


c.? (RUS) made celluloid doll head girl’s tea party set  tea-cozy (eBay item)


A toilet training aide for both toddlers and grown men – surely.

Anatomically correct, yet politically incorrect – somehow – somewhere.


c.1930s (GER) made celluloid doll

– altered by Hystoria

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