The Witch of New Dundee

303dce7d6701e82232198d08b25105b8About the year 1800, an old woman said to be a witch lived in New Dundee, northwest of Roseville, Ontario. It was said she possessed a copy of The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses and that she would use its magic  to transform herself into an animal of her choice.

Editions Six through Ten were circulated throughout Waterloo County amongst the farmers. The mythical collection of “charm books” consisted of sigils (seals) and spells to be utilized “for the good of Mankind.


The idea of therianthropes living amongst us is said to have has been part of human culture  since around 13,000 BC.  Henri Breuil,  insisted a cave painting of which he made a sketch, was in fact a sorcerer, magician or shaman performing a ritualistic act.

– altered by Hystoria


“Pintura Trois Freres” By Clottes, Jy Lewis – Williams

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